Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Café Habana for Lunch
            Malibu. One of my favorite spots to visit mainly because my friend Claire and Kate live here, but also because of the simple beauty of nature and serenity. I wanted inspiration and its hard not to find that here. So much beauty. One of the things that I enjoy. I began to start blogging and my title is unexpected beauty except of course I write it in French because of my love for all things Parisian. The unexpected is how I view things. My view on this restaurant is the relaxed feeling of being in an over sized couch almost like being in someone’s backyard. That intimate feeling of being in someone’s home and the laid back feeling is so Malibu. A beach town where the majority of people are laid back and easy going. Something I’m always going to relate to. The effortless. The ease.
             I feel like I have all the time in the world here. To think. To relax to unwind.
Lately I had been over thinking and overdoing but not here. I make a selection from the menu it is a restaurant after all and I pick the blackened chicken sandwich with a side of fries. I enjoy the flavors of the spicy mayo with and the tomatoes with avocado so complimentary. The crunch of the fries and the crispiness make them enjoyable in comparison to so many other fries I had tasted. 

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